F-35 Cel-mai-avion-urât

F-35 Cel-mai-avion-urât

Am lasat cam mult timp de-o parte scenariile “what if” si, sunt sigur, o parte dintre cititori chiar nu stiu ca atunci cand Resboiu era doar unul dintre blogurile din WordPress ne resboiam saptamanal imaginatie versus imaginatie.

Astazi, citind pe la Solomon, am zis sa propun o dezmorteala.

Finalul, ca sa incepem cu coada, suna asa:

These bastards better be right or we’re screwed for a generation. […]

If they’re wrong and I think they are, they’ll feel lucky to only be cursed, vilified and called traitors.

Nu suna bine.

Iaca plotul:

Consider this.

*  The US Army is having to cut Brigades, reorganize its aviation and shed personnel to a rate that their Chief is now stating publicly that its dangerous.

*  The USMC is cutting Battalions, shedding squadrons and having to make adhoc units just to justify this airplane while at the same time delaying the production of a much needed replacement for the AAV.

*  The US Navy is considering cutting aircraft carriers, is definitely cutting squadrons and is in ship building pain because this plane is being forced on them.

*  The USAF is cutting squadrons, canceling upgrades to legacy fighters, tossing away its premier air support airplane and essentially betting its future on an airplane that is not a good fighter, is a mediocre (at best) close air support platform, is insanely expensive all in the belief that its poor stealth and information dominance will carry the day against airplanes that are faster, fly higher, have bigger AESA arrays, fly farther and essentially get the same information just through different means.

Asta-i realitatea lor. A noastra e in coada cozii, dar pana la noi mai sunt si altii. Iar implicatiile sunt enorme.

Worst case scenario: ce poate sa se intample rau/mai rau, daca F-35 ne trage spre copca?

Sa nu ne limitam doar la impactul asupra SUA ori a Romaniei. Harta terranilor e mare.



– Iulian Iamandi –