Japan selects F-35

Despre F-35 tot vorbim… pro sau contra, pro si contra, dupa cum judecam fiecare. Legat de recenta confirmare cum ca Japonia a ales F-35, va invit sa aruncati o privire peste concluziile prietenului nostru Solomon, de pe blogul militar american SNAFU:

My take on why the Japanese chose the F-35…and why the Eurofighter keeps losing…

1.  Relationships count.  The European community has been a practical no show in the Pacific.  Until they make themselves more visible and become more active, they won’t crack this market.

2.  Costs count.  Many are making an issue of the price tag of the F-35, but the latest costs came out for a little over 110 million for the airplane.  You can play all the accounting tricks that you want but this plane is still in development and its coming in at the same price points as legacy aircraft with bells and whistles.

3.  Twin engines are no longer supreme in over sea combat.  I always thought twin engine reliability has always been over stated.  The Japanese have operated their version of the F-16 in the sea strike role for a while and the F-35 will too.  The thought that twin engines are a must have make as much sense as four engines being necessary for large airplanes operating over water.

4.  China is a threat.  This is probably the biggest factor.  No matter how much some want to think of China as being a non-issue in the Pacific, that’s just not the case.  We’re on the cusp of a major arms race in the Pacific and the reason is China.

What should scare critics is that the F-35 is on the verge of “Western World” domination.  It will have 10 firm partner nations and two observer nations.  This has happened before and it did not spell the end of fighter development in other companies.  The European’s need to quickly and efficiently start development on a 5th or 6th generation fighter in order to remain viable…the thought that they will be able to catch up via UAVs is wishful thinking.  Due to government policy in the EU, US equipment will always get a battle test first and is usually looked at as being the best in the world.

Long story short.  No one should be surprised.


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