Tancul T-14 Armata, în 2019 va… Chiar mă întreba cineva ce noutăți există legat de tancul rusesc T-14 Armata. Iaca, o știre din data de 31 Decembrie a anului trecut.

Tanc T-14 Armata

Tanc T-14 Armata

Departamentul de Informare și Comunicare Mass-Media a Ministerului rus al Apărării a publicat un comunicat de presă în care ne servește ceva cu T-14.

Ei bine, tancul T-14 va executa în 2019 testele de stat în institute militare de cercetare.

Mai exact:

“In the interests of the Ground Forces, the T-14 tank designed on the Armata’s universal platform has been developed and is completing factory tests. The fighting machine in 2019 will begin to pass state tests in research institutes of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The T-14 tank is the only tank in the world of the third post-war generation. According to military experts, “Armata” is a new word in tank design, has no analogues in the world. This is a fundamentally new and fully Russian development. Tower T-14 uninhabited. For the first time the crew was placed in an armored capsule, separated from the ammunition. 

Tank T-14 is designed to conduct combat in direct contact with the enemy, support the advance of motorized rifle units, destroy highly armored targets, fortifications, enemy manpower, located in shelters and in open areas. 

The pace of rearmament will bring the share of modern weapons and military equipment of the Ground Forces to 70% by the end of 2020. “

Teste, teste, teste. Since 2015.

Iulian Iamandi