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Reactiile romanesti fiind apa de ploaie, haideti sa vedem ce spune un cunoscut blogăr american de profil militar:

Ukraine. Where are we now?

I’ve been watching the issues in Crimea/Ukraine and suffice it to say I’m not impressed.

1.  The United States has been proven to be impotent.

2.  The EU, UK and NATO has been proven to be impotent.

3.  This action is accomplished.  Anything the US/UK/EU does from this point on is meaningless.  The deed is done.

4.  The Chinese are taking notes and will act.  The same issues that prevent our aiding the Ukraine apply to Taiwan.  I expected them to take some of the smaller islands first.  I now think thats wrong.  I expect a push on Taiwan to occur first and then a move on the disputed islands.

It is enough to say that US foreign policy is in shambles…even more worrying?  The most powerful nation on this planet is being led by a group of naive neophytes.

Sa batem in lemn.
– Iulian Iamandi –