Generalul Norman Scwarzkopf a plecat către Walhalla

Norman Schwarzkopf

Norman Schwarzkopf

“With the passing of General Norman Scwarzkopf, we’ve lost an American original. From his decorated service in Vietnam to the historic liberation of Kuwait and his leadership of United States Central Command, General Schwarzkopf stood tall for the country and Army he loved. Our prayers are with the Schwarzkopf familz, who tonight can know that his legacy will endure in a nationa that is more secure because of his patriotic service.”

President Barak Obama

Neînfricatul “Stormin” Norman, vorbind despre vitejii care i-au acordat onoarea de a fi considerat unul de-al lor.

After the war, Schwarzkopf was bestowed an honorary rank of “Legionnaire 1ere Class” in the French Foreign Legion, the only American to be so honored, during a formal ceremony in Aubagne, France which is a formal “Alma Mater” of the French Foreign Legion.

This was due to the fact that he had proven himself to be more than deserving this special honor and privilege as a man of unprecedented value of military leadership and honor, bestowing and personalizing hope and belief in the US military leaders of the WWI and WWII era.

Although this rank only equals to a PV1 in US rank structure, this was meant to be a gesture of “you are one of us” whereas also showing that this title didn’t come from high echelons, but deep from the hearts of his fellow “Legionnaires”, thus making it much more valuable as it may seem.

To this day, “Stormin’ Norman” is well remembered in this elite military Corps. Schwarzkopf said in a document about the French Foreign Legion: They also gave me a card saying: “If you are anywhere in the world, and you get in trouble, call this number and we will come to your aid!”.

Dumnezeu să îl odihnească.

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  • R.I.P.! Chiar ma intreb cand vom avea generali de acest calibru in Armata Romana si nu frunze in vant carora le e de multe ori frica ca sa isi expuna parerea cu privire la alocarile de fonduri sau diferite programe de inzestrare…

  • RIP, un militar adevarat.
    in Walhalla ajung cica doar cei cazuti in misiuni…

    se zice ca Odin, care a trecut prin niste mari sacrificii pt a obtine Cunoasterea- si-a scos un ochi si l-a plantat la radacina Arborelui Cunoasterii), a stat infipt in sulite (chestie pe care o faceau si dacii)- a aflat soarta lumii si se pregateste pentru Ragnarok si atunci provoaca razboaie pentru a-i aduce in Walhalla pe cei mai destoinici luptatori.
    ii aduna pe cei mai buni, pt Ultima Lupta.

    poate sunt io naiv, poate e auto-amagire (ma rog, disonanta cognitiva), dar prefer sa cred in asta decat sa cred ca DD, Kiru, Pedro, Cismasu si atatia altii care erau printre cei mai buni, s-au dus Dincolo degeaba…

  • Militar de cariera in adevaratul sens al cuvantului… nu maimutoi cum gasim pe meleagurile noastre… (scuze daca sunt prea dur)

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