F-15 - Farnborough 2014

F-15 – Farnborough 2014

Un avion F-15D cu inmatricularea 86-0182, apartinind USAF s-a prabusit in Marea Britanie ieri, 8 octombrie, in jurul orei 4:30PM ora Romaniei.

Martorii au declarat ca avionul bazat la RAF Lakenheath se rotea incontrolabil inainte sa se prabuseasca in lanul de cartofi (avantaj pentru judetul Covasna).

‘We saw this aircraft lazily spirally down. I said “he’s not going to get out of that”. And then it crashed 100 yards from our home.

‘It was falling like a leaf, just floating really. There was no fire as it was falling – it was only when it crashed that the flames were there. There was a horrible acrid smell – we kept the windows shut.’

Oficialii americani spun ca pilotul s-a catapultat in siguranta, iar acum este in afara oricarui pericol:

“An F-15D from the 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath crashed at approximately at 3:28 pm today while conducting a combat training mission. One person was on board the aircraft at the time and ejected safely. A board of qualified officers will investigate the accident.”

F-15D 86-182 prabusit in Marea Britanie

F-15D 86-182 prabusit in Marea Britanie


Surse: Telegraph si Daily Mail

-Bogdan Movileanu-