Care este

Care este

Ia sa vedem ce carcalete iese daca facem un aliaj…

Ceva mai inainte am vorbit cu niste colaboratori turci despre situatia in care s-a ajuns cu Siria, iar unul din ei a spus foarte calm: “Daca America vrea, iese razboi. Turcia are cu ce.” Ceilalti au aprobat.

Ce bine e sa ai cu ce. Sa fie asa… naturala si linistita treaba asta “tara mea are cu ce”.

Asa. Invidios mic mare ce sunt.

Mai departe… Pe blogul amicului american Solomon am gasit ceva tare:

If the President wins authorization, then he wins the 2nd term. Update.

*  If war is declared then Sequestration dies.  The US military will by necessity get anything it asks for.  Who will deny Pentagon while service members are at war?

*  Obama Care will be fully funded.  With Sequestration dead, and Congress unable to shut down the government because the Pentagon is at war, that means Obama Care is out of danger.

*  Immigration will be a fait accompli.  Dangle the vision of getting immigrants out of the shadows while warning of increased terror threat.  It will pass because of fear when it couldn’t because of economic considerations.

Ei, ce ziceti?


– Iulian Iamandi –