USS Enterprize - CVN-65

USS Enterprize – CVN-65

Hm. Enterprize, saracu’, bagat de sanchi pe post de imagine pentru slide. Dar subiectul nu tine de el…

Iaca ce am vazut la Solomon:

“The Marine Corps is lucky.  It can operate under the US Navy’s anti-missile shield when conducting amphibious operations.  The larger the operation, the greater the shield.

The US Army isn’t quite so lucky.  When conducting high speed, aggressive actions, its left with depending on USAF interdiction strikes or MLRS locating and killing missiles before they can be used against ground forces.

If you watched the video above then you’ll notice one thing.  Probably the only true thing about the video.

A Stryker Brigade doesn’t have integrated air defense capabilities.

The closest we’ve seen to that is the Canadian ADATS.”

“As it currently stands, the Stryker Brigade might be faster than a Heavy but it has at least this one capability hole.

Strategic missile defense is one thing, but battlefield missile defense is important too.”

Sursa: SNAFU-Solomon

De fiecare data cand vizionez cate un filmulete cu asa ceva… imi lasa apa in gura de niste scenarii de “what if”… 🙂


– Iulian Iamandi –