Ahmadiridiridam: Iranul se va apara, in caz ca…

Ahmadinejad Protejatorul

Iranul se va apăra singur dacă Israeul îl va ataca – a asigurat preşedintele Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Any nation has the right and will indeed defend herself,”

– i-a spus Ahma’ mai întîi translatorului, în cadrul unui interviu pentru emisiunea Piers Morgan Tonight a postului CNN.

“Why should the world be managed in such a way that an individual can allow himself to threaten a rich and deeply rooted historical, ancient country such as Iran?”

– a continuat preşedintele, expunându-şi propria dreptate.

“A great country, such as Iran, based on an excuse of his own fabrication. … Another country can say, ‘I am guessing that country B is doing activity X, therefore I will attack that country’ … can this be … a successful formula for the management of the world?”

– Da! îi răspund eu, inspirat.

Întrebat dacă personal crede că un conflict militar cu Israelul este iminent, Ahmadinejad a declarat:

 “The Zionists are very much … adventuresome, very much seeking to fabricate things, and I think they see themselves at the end of the line and I do firmly believe that they seek to create new opportunities for themselves and their adventurous behaviors.”

He-he… nenea Ahma’, cât îmi eşti de simpatic atât îmi eşti de antipatic!

Sursa: RIA Novosti

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