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SUA accelereaza livrarea de drone si rachete ghidate catre Irak

ScanEagle UAV

ScanEagle UAV

SUA accelereaza livrarea de UAV-uri ScanEagle pe care Irakul le-a achizitionat in cadrul programului militar de vanzari externe destinat sprijinului in urmarirea si combaterea gruparilor afliliate Al-Qaeda, a comunicat un purtator de cuvant al Pentagonului.

“We’re expediting delivery of 10 operational ScanEagles for part of the original purchase, as well as an additional four nonoperational ScanEagles, which will be sent to help facilitate maintenance of the original 10,”

A declarat reporterilor Army Col. Steven Warren

ScanEagle este o drona low-cost destinata misiunilor de supraveghere, capabila sa execute zboruri de 24 de ore.

Colonelul Warren a anuntat de asemenea ca planurile originale de achizitie inlud si livrarea de catre SUA a 75 rachete Hellfire in Decembrie, urmate de inca o suta in primavara.

Warren a mai adaugat si ca s-a anticipat de asemenea o livrare de 48 UAV-uri Raven pentru primavara.

Conform spuselor colonelului american, Departamentul Apararii este angajat in promovarea stabilitatii in Irak si ca incepand cu 2005 au fost efectuate livrari de echipamente, mentenanta si pregatire catre Irak in valoare de 14 miliarde de dolari.

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  • Va ofer spre lectura un punct de vedere interesant:

    Americans are hooked on spending. They consume their wealth…and more. China is hooked on producing. As it adds productive knowhow and capacity, it becomes more and more competitive. Not only can it produce more consumer output at lower prices, but also it can produce the latest in military hardware.

    It’s a matter of time before that fighting gear comes out. At least, that’s what history suggests.

    If there is a military conflict, how will it turn out?

    The US spends three times more than China on ‘defense’. Advantage: Pentagon. But as the Persians discovered in their wars with the Greeks, having the biggest, best-funded army does not necessarily give you an edge. Instead, it invites sluggishness, complacency and overreaching.

    The US military is arguably the fattest, most zombie-infested bureaucracy in the world. It suffers from an overabundance of resources. It supports troops (at a cost of $1 million per soldier per year) all over the globe.

    It builds weapons systems that are often obsolete before they are put into service. It coddles armies of lobbyists, contractors, consultants, retirees, hangers-on and malingerers. Like all bureaucracies, it looks out first and foremost for itself. Looking out for the security of the nation is a distant second.

    Its 11 huge aircraft carriers, for example, may be marvellous ways to generate contracts, fees and expenses. They may also be great ways to throw US military muscle into two-bit conflicts around the world.

    But put them up against a modern, electronically-sophisticated enemy… Then what?

    We will probably find out…


    Bill Bonner
    for The Daily Reckoning Australia

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