Red Flag continua: Gripen si F-22 in actiune



Zilele acestea se desfăşoară exerciţiul internaţional Red Flag, la care din păcate nu avem un reprezentant din partea redacţiei. Suplinim această carenţă cu textul semnat de Lasse Jansson, ofiţerul de presă al SAAB:

It is impressive that for more than two hours of stand by and watch nearly a hundred aircraft taking off to participate in exercise Red Flag.

Two B-1, two F-22, four F-15, six F-16, two Gripen … boot order depending on the task they have but large aircraft tankers, bombers and AWACS reconnaissance aircraft usually start early.
At the beginning of the exercise is larger safety distances at the start.Will aircraft from the same unit, they can be tight, then it becomes a door to the next unit.

Two F-16, a KC-10, three F-15, two F-22 … every aircraft has its specific task and no task is different in the first week. During week two, a part of mission, to see how much you’ve learned.
Protecting a city from an enemy air raid drill was the first mission, and there was no soft start. For one hour and 45 minutes attacking enemy aircraft 60.

Five F-18, four Mirage 2000, two A-10, two F-18, two A 10:04 a.m. Gripen … that this time may engage in a defensive role, protecting one territory. A few days later it will be about to locate and destroy mobile Scud missiles on enemy territory.

You will get 30 minutes, in which after the missile is detected, via satellite or aerial reconnaissance, or time it fires. But if it knows today’s pilots still nothing.

After more than two hours, the Gripen aircraft back. Others have landed on a parallel runway in principle, while the last lift. Several hours of evaluation awaits. 394 people can fit in the evaluation room. It’s not just the number of airplanes that impresses. At the same time the final preparations for the next mission. Four hours after landing, six Gripen take off again. It will be the same aircraft individuals can venture into the fire again. Even if it’s just flown in two sessions a day as being the exercise around the clock.

Lasse Jansson


– Iulian Iamandi –


  • pana una alta, suedezii fac multe antrenamente cu americanii si sunt din nou la Red Flag, antrenandu-se impreuna si compatibilizandu-se in proceduri desi nu sunt in NATO (sunt doar in parteneriatul NATO pentru pace). citeam declaratiile unui suedez despre cum la exercitii trebuie sa vorbeasca in pounds (livre) in loc de kilograme si sa foloseasca terminologia lor.

    anul trecut au fost si exercitiile masive din Scandinavia, acum 2 ani sau cand a fost Libia, s-a facut si politie aeriana cu Gripen in tarile baltice de mai multe ori. platforma Gripen castiga experienta in operatiunile aliantei si creste in compatibilizare.

    “When I fly in my fighter, I speak English. I use pounds in describing my fuel. I use the American-NATO equivalent way when I want to tell where a target is. And before I have too little fuel, I will use the same expression as an American, or British or French pilot,” said Segerby, 48. “So we are interoperable.”

    That is critical when the Swedes are called in as unified protectorate partners for NATO peacekeeping missions, as was the case in 2011 when they joined Americans, Danes, Turks, French, Canadians and Italians flying combat missions from Sicily during the overthrow of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

    Swedish armed forces have slimmed down since the end of the Cold War, said Maj. Lasse Jansson, the communications officer for the more than 110 crew members and maintenance workers accompanying the eight Gripens at Red Flag. By policy, the country now has 100 Gripens, “down from 200,” he said. The model, JAS-39, is a Swedish acronym for the jet’s multiple capabilities: fighter, attack and reconnaissance.

    On Wednesday, the Gripens fired their 27 mm cannons at targets. But, according to Segerby, the Gripen also can drop 500-pound laser-guided and GPS-guided bombs and fire heat-seeking missiles.

    Swedish armed forces have evolved since 2001 to be more compatible with NATO forces, said Segerby, 48.

    “We have slowly and more and more left the old Swedish Cold War setup,” he said. “We have come closer to operability with NATO.”

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